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Toys"R"Us Times Square, The Center of the Toy UniverseTM has arrived. Our new Toys"R"Us international flagship store is located in the heart of New York City's Times Square. It's more then just a toy store and it's guaranteed to delight visitors. Starting with the 60-foot Ferris Wheel with its 14 themed cabs. Watch in amazement as the 10,000-pound, 20 foot-tall T-Rex dinosaur comes to life with its loud roar and animatronics movements. Or, if dolls are your thrill - just around the corner is a 4,000 square foot, two-story dollhouse with its own grand staircase, elevator and special appearances by none other than Barbie.

60-foot Ferris Wheel





10,000-pound, 20 foot-tall T-Rex dinosaur

Barbie's 4,000 square foot, two-story dollhouse

Jeffrey with the Statue of liberty outfit.

Lots of stuffed animals

and more stuffed animals
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