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Grand Central is truly grand again! After a four-year monumental renovation, the terminal is even grander than when it first opened in 1913. The revitalized Grand Central combines the romance of train travel, the history of a magnificent terminal building from a bygone time, a destination for superb restaurants, and convenience of outstanding retail shops. To truly appreciate this remarkable landmark building take a FREE tour, offered every Friday at 12:30pm by the Grand Central Partnership. Meet at 42nd Street in front of the Phillip Morris/ Whitney Museum across the street from Grand Central. For more information on this tour call (212) 697-1245 or go to their web site Grand Central Terminal is located at 42nd street between Vanderbilt Avenue and Lexington Avenue.

Hercules Statue & The Chrysler Building view.

Statues of Hercules, Minerva and Mercury surrounding a thirteen foot clock.

Grand Central Station on 42nd Street.

To the east of 42nd Street...

To the west of 42nd Street...

Whitney Museum across the street of 
Grand Central Station.
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Park Avenue South

Park Avenue South Bridge

Park Avenue South
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