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Harlem Meer at Central Park. (Eastside from 106th to 110th Street)
The 11-acre Harlem Meer (Dutch for "Lake") and its surrounding wooded landscape were constructed after the lower Park had been completed. They can see swans and grebes leaving small jet wakes in the water. They can look south and see dramatic rock outcroppings angling sharply to the water, and then, with a simple turn of the head north, see the buildings of Harlem and watch traffic navigating Duke Ellington Circle.
In 1993, the Conservancy restored the Meer and its landscapes. Today, park visitors will find an amazing array of family-related activities: catch-and-release fishing; two playgrounds with water features; Park-related tours and exhibits and talks at the Charles A. Dana Discovery Center; the nearby Conservatory Garden; and Lasker Rink for skating or swimming.
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