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2nd Quarter winner will be announced  July  6, 2006 
Monthly Contest
Each of the following winners will enjoy 
two tickets to a Broadway show:
Seung-Ju Ahn, Canada
Judy Jamison, VA
Katherine Harmon, OH
Michael Ruffolo, MA
Richard Cytryn  NJ
Mary Beiremann, CA
Cheryl McLaughlin, MD
Laura Cahill, FL
Sandy Hecksher, FL
Janet Cobeo, NY
Joseph Gauin, RI
Cecilia Cantwell, FL
Linda Allen, IL
Robin Rushey, NY
Alleen Eirich,  Canada
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Quarterly Contest
1st  Quarter 2006 Winner 
Jeanie Slate, TX
Jeanie Slate, was our 1st Quarter winner! 
She will be traveling to New York City 
and staying two nights at The Manhattan Club
While in New York City She will enjoy dinner for 
two and theater tickets, plus all the luxury and 
convenience that The Manhattan Club provides. 
Anyone who has not already won, is welcome to 
enter again. We will have a brand new drawing 
on July 6 for the 2nd quarter 2006 entries. Take a spin through our site, view our constantly changing panoramas, learn about our special features, and enter to win a Complete New York City Vacation Package. You could be our next winner!.
Past winners

 2005 Winners

4th Quarter 2005
Lisa Capuani
3rd Quarter 2005
Debbie Mullan
2nd Quarter 2005
Sheila LaGrenade

1st Quarter 2005
Wanda Gerlits

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